Large Pools (greater than 8m)
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Daydream (8.5m x 3.8m) Large Fibreglass Pool

8.5m x 3.8m
  • Fully enclosed wading area provides
  • Full-width step in the wading area
  • Depth: 1.3m – 1.8m

The Wave(8.8m x 4.15m) Large Fibreglass Pool

The Wave
8.8m x 4.15m
  • Entry zone with four generous length steps
  • Safety ledge along curved side and deep end
  • Depth: 1.24m – 1.8m

Saint-Louis (9.5m x 4m) Large Fibreglass Pool

9.5m x 4m
  • Resort series
  • Deep end step for safe exit from the pool
  • 200mm wide edge beam
  • Depth: 1.32m to 2.0m

Siena (9.5m x 4.45m) Large Fibreglass Pool

9.5m x 4.45m
  • Clean, contemporary style
  • Uninterrupted swimming area
  • Extended full-length bench seat
  • Depth: 1.0m to 1.85m
Would you like to add a Spillway Spa or Aqua Ledge to your Pool ?

Aqua Ledge

Aqua Ledge
4m x 2m
  • Can be added to any pool 4m and above in length or width
  • Colour can match or contrast your pool colour
  • Depth: 175mm

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